I am a PhD student in applied mathematics in the G-Statistics Group at Inria. I started my PhD in October 2020 under the supervision of Xavier Pennec (Inria) and Alain Trouvé (ENS Paris-Saclay) on geometric manifold learning.

My research interests lie at the intersection of differential geometry, manifold learning and shape analysis. I am a strong believer in data-driven mathematics with a focus on applications in biology.

I am also motivated by teaching and I am involved in several projects aimed at popularising mathematics.

Please feel free to contact me by email: elodie.maignant[at]inria.fr


  • April 2023 – My submission to GSI’23, entitled “Riemannian Locally Linear Embedding with Applications to Kendall Shape Spaces” has been accepted with oral presentation!

  • April 2023 – Our submission to GSI’23 with Anna Calissano and Xavier Pennec, entitled “Towards Quotient Barycentric Subspaces” has been accepted with oral presentation!

  • May 2021 – Elodie Maignant: My implementation of a “Visualization of Kendall shape spaces for triangles” in the library Geomstats won 2nd price at ICLR Computational Geometry & Topology Challenge 2021!